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Modular Nano production and CTC Master Elixir

For our CTC licensing partners, it is important to be able to deliver even larger quantities of nano products quickly. In addition, many of our licensees have a desire to save on the transport costs. In order to meet these requirements, we have been offering for our partners the opportunity to produce our high-quality nano products by ourselves and distribute them under our own label. To this end, we implement our own modular nano materials at our local partners and train all employees comprehensively. In order to be able to deliver worldwide and easily, all our "CTC Master Elixir" formulations are free of dangerous goods during transportation and all our "Nano-Know-How" is included in every "CTC Master Elixir". After corresponding, comprehensive training, the nano production is possible for every trading partner and chemical company, as well as the former industry aliens!


CTC - your coach & partner for long-lasting nano-business success!

Since our foundation in 1998, CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has been the central concern to make our trading partners even more successful! Because if our dealers are successful, we are too. For some time now, we are also planning and implementing plants for the production of formulation that based nano products directly from our local partners. by our licensed partners, the "ready-for-sale" nano-end products are produced from the "CTC Nano Elixirs". The "CTC Nano Elixirs" contain only the best nano raw materials and our whole nano knowledge. Always the best quality! Our licensed partners know the local market and are networked well at their respective locations therefore we are stronger together! The following information is intended for CTC licensing partners and those who may wish to become one. Learn more about how modular nano-manufacturing and you can also revolutionize your business!

Your CTC Nanotechnology GmbH 

Modular Nano-Manufacturing

After extensive training, also for industries foreigners (stranger), easy to implement

Best Nano Quality: CTC Master Elixir

Enables worldwide production of uniform and always the best nano-quality products!

Comprehensive training

We will train you comprehensively, accompany and advise you on your way. For long-lived success!


Modular nano-production -vision & implementation

The future vision of nanotechnology became reality! We set standards and open up a new dimension for our licensing partners in the manufacturing of nano products. Our modular nano-production technology is consistently moving forward in the future. Surface coatings can therefore be produced easily, safely for almost every application and many material surfaces.

Based on product specification and finished nano batches, the user is able to select the desired product and to manufacture it precisely. We offer our partners the "modular nano-manufacturing" an efficient and complete package successfully tested. The user is always guided reliably and safely through the entire production process. The quantity and the chronological sequence of the nano additives to be added are taken into account in the same way as the necessary personnel and the type, quantity and application of the cleaning agents. A precise calculation of time and costs is made in advance of the respective production.

The process sequences could be transferred to any CTC-designed nano production plant. In this way, the simple production of nano-end products of the highest quality is possible worldwide. Scale-ups and technology transfers are possible at any time and at any location.

The way to your own modular nano-manufacturing

  • Possible at any time!

    Phase 1: Consulting and feasibility analysis
    for the respective location

    1.   Conclusion of a confidentiality agreement and consultancy agreement

    2.   Train the competence team, plan and carry out the workshops

    3.   Construction of individual, modular nano batches

    4.   Optimization

    5.   Define savings potentials

    6.   Create the potential analysis and feasibility study

    7.   Decision regarding further module phases

  • After completion phase 1

    Phase 2: Modular Nano Manufacturing Systems

    1. Planning of the modular nano-manufacturing plants
    2. Construction of modular nano-manufacturing plants
    3. Commissioning of the modular nano-production plants
    4. Transfer the knowledge for the "CTC Master Elixir" technology
    5. Employee training
    6. Implement the implementation concept in existing companies

  • After completion phase 2

    Phase 3: Manufacturing and distributing nano-products themselves.

    Now the time has come: You can make your own nano products and sell it!
  • Continuous

    CTC supports you!

    We do not leave you alone! We support you in the long term and remain the reliable partner at your side. Because only if you are successful permanently, we are also!
    The "CTC Master Elixir Club" offers also you the opportunity to exchange experiences with other companies that involved in the field of modular nano-manufacturing. See below for more information.

The CTC Master Elixir-Club

The "CTC Master Elixir Club" organizes meetings for the users of CTC Master Elixir. The club provides a platform for the application-oriented exchange of experience in the field of modular nano-manufacturing. The members have also the opportunity with exciting lectures on nanotechnology to provide new inspiration for your Nano Business.

New developments and updates of all kinds of nanotechnology are passed always on CTC to the members of the Master Elixir Club. Also the new ideas about the modular nano-manufacturing are discussed here.

The "CTC Master Elixir Club" is open to all companies that have completed phase 2 in the introduction of modular nano manufacturing.


Exciting nano presentations

Learn from recognized nano-experts.

Exchange of experiences

With other companies of the nano business.

Nano trendsetter

Members get lots of information and updates first!


CTC is a member of the "Network Modular Nano-Manufacturing"

The "Network Modular Nano Manufacturing" is an idea for nanotechnology. Due to the heterogeneous composition of the network, new possibilities unimagined and synergies arise. This is how innovative nano-products and services are developed, which are offered on the market, together with the network.

Themen des "Netzwerks Modulare Topics of the "Network Modular Nano-Manufacturing" include:

- Modular nano-formulation

- New nano batches

- New application areas for nano-products

In order to become a member of the "Network Modular Nano-Manufacturing", a recommendation is required by an existing member. On the basis of this recommendation, all members will decide whether or not to register the new member.


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